Why become a member?

The BAA provides a network of support for artists of all levels and a stimulating program of activities including:

• Opportunities to study with accomplished artists here and occasionally abroad

• Lectures and demonstrations by artists and other arts professionals

• Organized trips to museums, exhibitions and art events in other cities

• Sponsorship of annual open juried art exhibition

• Several annual membership shows at various locations

• Use of the Upstairs Gallery at Yocum, members take turns on a volunteer basis

• Newsletter (The Palette) five times a year that showcases area art events and tracks exhibition opportunities

• Access to BAA library’s hundreds of books and tapes (See list here)

• Discounts at some local art supply stores

• Shared studio time at the Yocum Institute for Arts Education facilities on Thursdays for portrait, still life, and figure drawing sessions

Becoming a member of BAA means that you would like to make your community a better place by encouraging its artistic population. As one of the few organizations of its kind in Berks County, we count on our members for support and funding.

BAA Members

 Updated Feb 13, 2017

Hamburg Area Arts Alliance  Crystal Domino Joanne Hydock Phylis Moser Jill Skaist
Janice Alfero Judith Drey Geraldine Hydock Betty Mraz Russell Slocum
Michael Anderson Linda Elliott Charlene Jobe Scott Munroe Jacqueline Mitchell Smith
Barbara Angstadt Cheryl Elmo Melodee Johnson Christine Murray Sarah Smith
Laurel Arbogast Ordonel Espinosa Carol Jones Karen Myers Elaine Soltis
Cyndi Arnold Steve Fabian Joanne Just Sandra Nestlerode-Hale Terry Souders
Carolyn Auman Kaye Fetherolf Suzanne Karterman-Storck Pat Page Barbara Spangenberg
Edward Babiarz Christine Field Eldon Katter Jane Palmer Carol Spigelmyer
Bonita Bachl Ellen Finks Trudy Kauffman Frances Parzanese Amy Stauffer
Cheryl Bagenstose Pamela Foley Diana Kleiner Lori Peters Joanne Young Stephan
Judy Ballinger Amber Foote Anton Kleiner Gail Porr Robert Stickloon
Marilyn Basehoar Marilyn Fox Nancy Knoblauch Barbara Post Midge Stiers
Rita Belletti Karen Frattali Linda Kramer Lynn Ramsey Patricia Stuntz
Merri Bengtson Franklin Fretz Matthew Kramer Patricia J. Hafer Reeder Carol Sumner
Susan Biebuyck Gail Fronheiser Paul Laincz Virginia Reese Elizabeth Sustello
Marlene Book Ruth Fullaway Nadine Lambarski Elaine Reinert Irene Svotelis
Audrey Bordonaro Bill Galdun Sabra Perreten Lantz Helen Reinhold-Gordon Joyce Tarrach
Catharine Bower Brian Gallagher Carol Lauer Martha Ressler Theodore Thomas
Joyce Bradford Carol Ann Geiser David Lawrence Jay Ressler Alfred Trivellini
Elaine Briner Hazel Geracimos Sheryl Lawrence Vicki Rhodier Joan Tucci
Mary Button Alice Gerhart Joan Lease Francis Ricci Sylvia Umberger
Michele Byrne Michael Good Kay Lessig Nancy Rinehart Donna Unger
Beth Carroll Susan Goodling Patricia Long Eileen Ritz Gloria Urban
Pat Catucci Tim Greusel Alison Lutz Hope Rood Joanne Davis Van Roden
Joan Cichocki Beverly Groff Maria Lynskey Rebecca Ross Allen Wagner
Amanda Condict Fred Gurman Lois Marquardt Margaret Brewer Ross Sue Wagner
Mary Ann Conway Deb Gurman Teddi Matz Sherrie Rotell Karen Weber
Mary Lou Creyts Bob Hakun Edward Mccarty Maria Ruoff Merrill Weber
Shirley Dautrich Liam Harkins Laurie McCloskey Carol Scarfo Jack Wily
Cynthia Davenport Katharine Heist Michael Mccord Amy Schade Deborah Winkler
Jane De Gruchy Marta M Tomosy Herman  Kimi Mcnamara Lois Schlachter Kathryn Wolf
Elizabeth Delany James Heston Bob Millar Peter Schnore Karen Wolf
Angelo Di Maria Jerry Holleran Lynn Millar Blair Seitz Diane Yarger
Irina Diatlikova Joseph Hoover Erma Miller Cheryl Geiger Sheeler Kathleen Yarmush
Joanne Dietz Linda Horner Kristine Miller-Siple Adrienne Shuker-Thistlemist Gum Ran Youse
Irene Dobson Carol Hunsberger Charles Moon Carol Siegel Doris Zogas
Susan Doll David Huyett Trudy Moore Donna Singleton  

How to become a member

You can join BAA any time of the year. Annual dues are $25.00 for an individual membership (must be 18 or older). If you would like to have a printed version of The Palette mailed to you, please add $10 to your membership payment; otherwise, you will receive The Palette as a PDF in your email. Our membership year is July 1 to June 30. Make checks payable to Berks Art Alliance and send to the Vice President for Membership. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in order to receive a BAA membership card, which entitles you to discounts at local art supply stores. You can also support BAA by volunteering your time with us. Opportunities exist in planning and coordinating art shows and trips, preparing our newsletter and other promotional activities, organizing general meetings and other areas. 

Membership renewal forms are included in the April Palette. Deadline for each year’s payment is July 1. Payment must be received by October 1 to be included in the Membership List published in November.

Sign up and Pay online, Here

Download, print, and mail a membership application

Or to request a membership form by regular mail, please call the Yocum Institute for Arts Education, 3000 Penn Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609, 610.376.1576. Leave your name and address for the Membership Vice President. 

BAA Membership Discount Stores

 10% Discount. The Frame Guild is located at 1137 Penn Avenue, Wyomissing. Show BAA Membership Card.

BAA Requisition Form

Download the form to authorize the Treasurer to pay invoices.

The form may be filled out and saved on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader and emailed to Brian Gallagher at briang528@aol.com along with all required supporting documents in digital form. Otherwise, use regular mail. Consult your membership directory for the correct street address.