Berks Art Alliance Books

Number                           Title and Author                                                              Category
1. “Complete Guide to Landscape Painting in Oil by Wendon Blake   		O
7 A&B. “Oil Painting Step-by-Step” - Authur Guptill 				O&MT                            
8. “Pastel Painting Workshop” - Albert Handell               		       	P
10. “Consciousness and Creativity” - Bill Romey                       	 	I
14 A&B. “Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting” - E. Whitney      		W
15. “Painting and Drawing Skies” - N. Battershill                               P & D
16. “Watercolor by Design” - Mario Cooper			    		W
17. “Color in Outdoor Painting” - Roger Curtis			     		O
19. “Gruppe on Painting” - Emile Gruppe				     		O
20. “Oil Painting Workshop” - Albert Handell			     		O
21. “A Practical Guide to Landscape Painting” - C. Hayes           		O
22-A&B “Watercolorists at Work” - S. Meyer and N. Kent 				W
23. “The Painter’s Dictionary of Materials and Methods” –F. Taubes  		MT
24-A&B “Watercolor Workshop” - Robert Wood		    			W
28. “How to Draw Trees” - Henry Pitz				    		D
39. “Figures in Oil” - Wendon Blake					    	O
42. “Painting with Markers” - Emile Troise			    	        Markers
43-A&B. “Flower Paintings in Oil” - Charles Reid 	               		O
45. “Painting in Watercolor”- John Pellew                                    	W
46. “Marine Paintings in Oil and Watercolor” - S. Woodward      		W&O
48. “The Many Ways of Water & Color” - L. Brooks                      		W
50. “North Light Collection 2” - ed. Walt Reed 					MT
51. “The Artist and the Real World” - F. Whitaker				M&B
52. “Paintings of the Western World” - Caspar De Jong				H
53-A&B. “Two Thousand Years of Calligraphy” 					C
56. “Oil Painting Secrets from a Master” - L. Cateura				O
57. “Learning to See and Draw”-Gaspar DeFiore					D&MT
58. “Winslow Homer Watercolors” - D. Hoopes					W
59. “Imaginative Still Life” - Moira Huntly					MM
61. “Catching Light in Your Paintings” - C. Sovek				MM
65. “The Pencil” - Paul Calle							D
66. “Watercolor Options” - Ray Loos						W
74. “Portraits in Oil” - Wendon Blake						O
78. “150 Masterpieces of Drawing” - Anthony Toney				D
83. “Rembrandt” - Henry Bonnier							H
89. “Perspective for Artists” - Rex Vicat Cole					Perspective
90. “Masterpieces of Art” 							Catalog
91. “Anatomical Diagrams” - James Dunlop					Charts
92. “The Invitation in Art” - Adrian Stokes					Reference
93. “Charles E. Burchfield Watercolors” 					Catalog
94. “German Master Drawings of 19th Century” 					Catalog
95. “The Meaning of Art” - Herbert Read						Art Appre
97. “How to Make a Painting” - Irving Shapiro					W
98. “Capturing Motion in Watercolor” - Douglas Lew				W  
100. “Painting with Light” - Betty Schlemm					W
102. “Transparent Watercolor” - Edward Walker					W
104. “Watercolor Options” - Ray Loos						W
105. “Wet Watercolor” - Wilfred Ball						W
106. “The Magic of Watercolor” by J. Fletcher-Watson				W
107. “Watercolor Tricks & Techniques” - Cathy Johnson				W
111. “Rodin on Art and Artists”-Auguste Rodin					I
114. “Dictionary of Modern Sculpture” 						Sc
115. “The Art of Spirit” - Robert Henri						I
118. “Victorian Narrative Paintings” - R. Lister				Catalog
122 A&B. “Capturing Mood in Watercolor” - Phil Austin				W
123-A&B “Wilcox Guide to the Finest Watercolour Paints” 			W
124. “The Best of Watercolor Paintings” 					W & O
125. “Complete Guide to Flower Painting”- R. Fabri				W & O
128. “Capture the Charm of Your Hometown in Watercolor” F. Loudin		W
129. “Calligraphy 	Today” - Heather Child					C
131. “Script 	Lettering for Artists” - Tommy Thompson				C
132. “Pennsylvania German Illuminated Manuscripts”-H. Borneman  		C
133. “The Florentine Portrait” - Jean Alazard					H
134. “Opaque Watercolors” - Wallace E. Turner					W
135A&B“Painting with the White of Your Paper” Wagner & Hasselt			W
136. “Watercolor Made Easy” - Janet Walsh					W
137. “Watercolor-The Creative Experience” - B. Nechis				W
139. “Pressed Flowers” - Penny Black						MT
140. “Enameling on Metal” - Oppi Untracht					MT
141. “Oriental Cloisonne and Other Enamels” - A.& G. Chu			Guide
142. “A Gallery of Amish Quilts” - R. Bishop& E. Safanda			Guide
143. “Creative Origami” - Irmgard Kneibler					MT
144. “The Fine Arts Cookbook II”-Fine Arts Museum-Boston	   		cookbook
145. “Jewelry Making- an Illustrated Guide to Technique”			Guide
146. “Contemporary Jewelry” - Philip Morton					MT
147. “Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light and Color” K. Macpherson  		O
148. “Painting Outdoor Scenes in Watercolor” - R. Kaiser			W
151. “Splash 2-Best of Watercolor Breakthroughs” 				W
156. “Pen and Ink Techniques” - Frank Lohan					MT
159. “Modern European Art” - Alan Bowness					H & Art
160. “Selling your Graphic Design and Illustration”- T. Crawford		B
161. “The Art of Hand Lettering” - Helm Wotzkow					C
162. “The Artist in America” - Editors of Art in America			H
163. “Marker Rendering Techniques”- D. Powell and P. Monahan			MT
165 A&B. “Tom Lynch’s Watercolor Secrets”- Tom Lynch				W
166. “Artistic Secrets to Painting Tonal Value”- A. Kedzierski			MT
167. “Splash 6- The Magic of Texture” 						W
167.1 “The Portrait and Figure Painting Book”- Wendon Blake			O
168. “Keys to Successful Color” - Foster Caddell				O
169. “When You Paint-A Complete Guide for Artists”- W.Brackett			MT
171. “Techniques of the Impressionists” - Anthea Callen				MT
172. “Brushwork” - Emile Gruppe							MT & O
174. “Painting Portraits, Nudes and Clothed Figures”-J. De Ruth			MT
175. “Painting More Than the Eye Can See” - R. Wade				MT
176. “Renoir” - Walter Pach							MT & Art
177. “Painting Nature’s Hidden Treasures” - Zoltan Szabo			W
178. “Watercolorist’s Guide to Painting Water” –F. Petrie			W
179. “Capturing Light in Watercolor” – Simandle &Lehrman			W
181. “Marine Painting in Watercolor”– E. Fitzgerald				W
183. “Watercolor Composition Made Easy” – David Becker				W
185. “Painting Seascapes in Watercolor” – Jose Parramon				W
186. “Painting What You Want to See” – Charles Reid				W
188. “John Pike Paints Watercolors” – John Pike					W 
189. “Watercolors Fast and Loose” – Ron Ranson					W
190. “The Watercolorist’s Guide to Painting Trees”- F. Petrie			W
192. “Buildings in Watercolour” – Richard Taylor				W
194. “Painting Landscapes” – Harry Ballinger					O
195. “Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting”- Wendon Blake				A
198. “How to Paint Successful Seascapes”- Roger Curtis				O
199. “Painting Sea and Shore” – Harry Ballinger					O
200. “How to Paint Figures in Pastels” – Joe Singer				P
201. “Pastel Painting Workshop” – Leslie Trainor				P
202. “The Watercolor Painter’s Problem Book” – Tom Hill				W
204. “Painting Watercolor Florals That Glow” – Jan Kunz				W
205. “Downland: A Farm and Village – Roger Coleman				W
206. “Painting Fresh Florals in Watercolor”- Arleta Pech			W
208. “Capturing Mood in Watercolor” (revised) – Phil Austin			W
209. “Making Your Paintings Work” – Philip Jamison				W
210. “Master Class in Watermedia” (Abstracts) – Edward Betts			MM
211. “Experiments in Watercolor” – Michael Crespo				W
212. “Painting With Passion” – Carol Katchen					MT
213. “Watercolor School” – Hazel Harrison					W
214. “Painting in Watercolor” – Kate Gwynn					W
215. “Watercolor Bold and Free” – Lawrence Goldsmith				W
217. “Painting Sunlit Still Lifes in Watercolor”-L. Donovan			W
218. “Painting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor”-P. Jackson 		W
219. “The Watercolor Fix-It Book” – T. Van Hasselt & J. Wagner			W & MT
220. “Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way” – Ron Ranson			W & MT
221. “Web on Watercolor”-Frank Webb						W	
224. “Painting Watercolors from Photographs” – G.Shook&G.Witt	 		W
225. “Watercolor” – John Pike							W
226. “Outdoor Watercolor Workshop” – Tony Van Hasselt				W & MT
227. “Creative Watercolor Techniques” – Zoltan Szabo				W & MT
228. “People Painting Scrapbook” – J. Everett Draper				MT
230. “Watercolor …Let’s Think About It!” – Judi Betts				W & MT
231. “How to Paint with Watercolors” – Alwyn Crawshaw				W & MT
234. “Watercolor Painting Techniques”- David Lewis				W & MT
235. “Watercolor Painting-The Ron Ranson Technique”–R. Ranson  			W & MT
236. “Watercolor Painting” – James Fletcher Watson				W & MT
239. “Croney on Watercolor” – Claude Croney					W & MT
241. “Watercolor Painting” – Wendon Blake 					W &MT
242. “Seascapes in Watercolor”- Wendon Blake					W &MT
243. “Color in Watercolor” – Wendon Blake					W &MT
244. “Landscapes in Watercolor” – Wendon Blake					W &MT
246. “Painting Dynamic Watercolors” – D. DiStefano				W &MT
238. “70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques” – Zoltan Szabo				W &MT
249A&B. “The Tao of Watercolor” – Jeanne Carbonetti				W &MT
251. “Sketching for Beginners” – Geoffrey Elliott				Sk
253. “The Art of Field Sketching” – C.W. Leslie					Sk
254. “Pencil Drawing Techniques”- David Lewis					Sk
255. “How to Draw What You See” – Rudy De Reyna					Sk 
256. “The Sierra Guide to Sketching in Nature” – C. Johnson			Sk 
258. “Keys to Drawing” - Bert Dodson						Sk 
259. “Countryside Sketching” – Frank Lohan					Sk
260. “Drawing for Pleasure” – Peter Johnson					Sk
261. “Colored Pencils Drawing Techniques”- I. Hutton-Jamieson			Sk
262. “Pencil Sketching” – Thomas C. Wang					Sk
263. “Still-life Drawing and Painting” – Jack Hamm				Sk & MM
266. “Express Yourself!” – Carole Katchen					P
268. “Capturing Soft Realism in Colored Pencil” – A. Kullberg			Sk
269. “Harley Brown’s Eternal Truths for Every Artist”-H. Brown			MT
270. “The Complete Colored Pencil Book” – B. Poulin				Sk
271. “Portraits from Life in 29 Steps” – J.H. Sanden				O& MT
272. “Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color and Light”-C.Saper 		MT
273. “Color Mixing- The Van Wyk Way” – H. Van Wyk				O & MT
274. “Great Painters and Great Paintings” 					H & Art 	
275. “Impressionism and Post-Impressionism”-					Art
276. “100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Paintings” 				Art
277. “Landscape Painting in Watercolor”- Zoltan Szabo				W&MT
278. “Watercolor Free & Easy” – Eric Wiegardt					W&MT
279. “Tony Couch’s Keys to Successful Painting”-Tony Couch			W&MT
280. “Watercolor Basics: Perspective Secrets”-Phil Metzger			W&MT
281. “The Watercolor Handbook” – Ettore Maiotti					W&MT
282. “What Makes a Monet a Monet?”-Met Museum of Art				MT
283. A&B “Watercolor-You Can Do It!” –Tony Couch				W&MT
284. “Monet at Arenteuil” – Paul H. Tucker					O&H
286. “Origins of Impressionism” – Connaissance Des Arts				Catalog
287. “East Building-National Gallery of Art” 					Catalog
288. “Monet’s Years at Giverny-Beyond Impressionsm”				Art
289. “AWS-National Exhibit”							Art
290. “Winslow Homer Watercolors”- Donelson F. Hoopes				Art
291. “Chagall”- Susan Compton							Art
292. “Linnea in Monet’s Garden”-C. Bjork& L. Andersen				Child
293. “A Child’s Garden of Dreams”- (Children’s books Exhibition) 		Child
294. “Transparent Watercolor, My Second Career”-Wm.H.Condit			W&MT
295. “Martha’s Vineyard in Color”-M. Vuilleumier				Photos
297. “What is Modern Painting”- MOMA						Reference
298. “The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists”			Dictionary
299. “The Enjoyment and Use of Color” – Walter Sargent				Reference
300. “The Complete Guide to Illustration and Design” –T. Dalley			Illustration
301. “Henry Moore- Sculptures” 							Catalog
302. “Degas”-John Rewald							Art
304. “The Artist’s Guide to his Market”-Betty Chamberlain			Marketing
306. “Schrift-Calligraphy as an Art”- Als Kinst					C
307. “The Eyes of America: Art from 1792-1979”-Kennedy Gallery  		Art
308. “The Vienna Treasures” 							Art
309. “Master Prints 8-Printmaking in America: 1750-1980				Art
310. “100 Ccurrier and Ives Favorites” –A. Baragwanath				Art
311. “Masterpieces in Colour-Ravenna Mosaics”					Mosaic Art
312. “Renoir” – Marcel Zahar							Art
314. “Acrylic Landscape Painting Techniques”- Hugh Greer			A&MT
315. “Watercolor-Pour It On!”- Jan Fabian Wallake				W&MT
316. “Oil Paintings for the Beginner”- Fredric Taubes				O&MT
317. “Oil Painting” – Wendon Blake						O&MT
318. “Color in Watercolor” – Wendon Blake					W&MT
319. “Ways with Watercolor” – Ted Kautzky					W
321 A&B “Folk Painters of America” – Robert Bishop				Folk Art
322. “Working Out a Painting-Techniques for Transforming
           Your Oils” – Colleen Brown					 	O&MT
323. “Rediscovering Paper Mache” – Susanne Haines		        	Paper Mache
324. “Eakins: Watercolors” – Donelson F. Hoopes					W&Art
325. “Painting Nature’s Hidden Treasures” – Zoltan Szabo			W&MT
328. “Advertising Agency and Studio Skills” – T. Cardamore			GD
329. “Three Hundred Years of American Paintings”-A. Eliot			H&Art
330. “The Human Body in Motion” – Eadweard Muybridge				Photos
331. “Edward Hopper-Art and the Artist”- Gail Levan				Art
332. “Drawing with Ink”- John Brobbel						D
333. “How to Make Collages” – John Lynch					Collage
334. “In the Shadow of Industry: Watercolors and Drawings
          of Eastern Pennsylvania” – Matthew Daub				Art
336. “Kennedy Galleries: Master Prints 4-Modern Prints”				Art
337. “Master Prints 8-Print Making in America 1750-1980”			Art
338. “Charles Reid’s Watercolor Secrets” – Charles Reid				W&MT
339. “60 Minutes to Better Paintings”- Craig Nelson				O,A&MT
340. “Pastel-A Comprehensive Guide to Pastel Painting”-D. Green			P&MT
341. “Landscape Painting in Oil”- Wendon Blake					O&MT
343. “Learn to Paint” – Bernard Dunstan						MT
344. “The Book of THE HORSE”-Hamlyn						Photos
345. “Entourage- A Tracing File”- Ernest Burden					D
346.“ Architectural Illustration”- Paul S. Oles					D
347. “My Way with Watercolor” – Claude Croney					W&MT
348. “Creative Pencil Drawings”- Paul Hogarth					D
351. “Patterns in Space”- Col.R.S. Beard					D
352. “The Basic Law of Color Theory”-Harald Kueppers				G
353.”The Practice of Tempera Painting”- D.V. Thompson				MT
354. “Paul Klee” – MOMA								Catalog
355. “Imago 1971”-Netherlands Classical Association				Catalog
356.”Bermuda Abstracts”- Graeme Outerbridge					Ab
357. “Vasarely”- Meridian Modern Artists					Ab
358. “Modern Paintings and Sculpture”-Sotheby Parke Bernet			Catalog
359. “Japanese Calligraphy and Painting”-Steven Owyoung				C&Art
360. “Color and Form” –Henry Gardiner						Ab
361.”Gutenberg-Museum of the City of Mainz”					Catalog
362. “Circus Drawing, Wire Sculpture and Toys”-A. Calder			D&Sc
363. “Helen Frankenthaler”- E.C. Goossen					Ab
364. “20th Century Drawings-1940 to the Present”-U.E. Johnson			Ab
365. “Toulouse-Lautrec”- MOMA							Art
366. “The Romantic Vision of Caspar David Friedrich”-MOMA			Art
367. “Impressionists and Modern Paintings, Drawings 
         and Sculpture”- Sotheby’s Auction					Catalog
368. “Art Through the Ages-7th edition” 					H
369. “The Color Book”-Wendon Blake					       	W,O,A&MT
371. “Watercolor-Simple, Fast and Focused”- Mel Satbin				W&MT
372. “Basic Colored Pencil Technique”- Bet Borgeson				D&MT
373. “Chinese Brush Painting”- Jane Evans					MT
374. “Creative Painting with Pastel” –Carole Katchen				P&MT
375. “The Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook”-G. MacKenzie			W&MT
376. “Painting People in Watercolor”- Alex Powers				W&MT
377. “Paint Radiant Realism”-Sueellen Ross					W&D
378. “Art in the United States Capitol”						Art&Sc
379. “Art-Commerce-Scholarship”-Colnaghi					Art&H
380.”The Story of Art”-E.H.Gombrich						H
381. “Eighteenth Century Venetian Paintings”-Klara Gras				H& Art
382. “Four Centuries of American Masters”-Skowhegan				Art
383. “Adventuring in Art”-Kathryn D. Lee					I
384. “Collecting Pictures”-Guy R. Williams					I
385. “Landscape Drawing with Pencil”-Frank Rines				D
386. “Impressionism”-Phoebe Pool						H& Art
387. “Oil Pastel for the Serious Beginner”-John Elliot				P
389. “Anatomy for Artists”- Fritz Schider					Anatomy
390. “How to Draw the Human Figure”-Famous Artists School			D&MT
391. “Watercolor”- Duane R. Light						W&MT
392. “The Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques
           for Landscape”- Hazel Soan						W&MT
393. “Painting Spectacular Effects in Watercolor”-P.Jackson			W&MT
394. “Painting Realistic Watercolor Textures”-M. P. Rocco			W
395. “Watercolor Made Easy”- Janet Walsh					W&MT
396. “Hot Marketing-the Business of Selling Art-Robert Burridge			B
397. “American Watercolors”- Met Museum of Art					Art 
399. “A Creative Companion-How to Free Your Creative Spirit”			I
401. “Van Gogh”- Rene Huyghe							Art
402. “Splash7-A Celebration of Light”-Rachel Rubin Wolf				Art
403. “American Art-Historical Survey”-Samuel Green				H
404. “The Museum of Modern Art”-MOMA						Art
405. “The Joy of Hand Weaving”- OsmaG.Tod					T
406. “Early American Patchwork Patterns”-Carol Grafton				T
407. “Glorious Color for Needlepoint and Knitting”-K.Fassett			T
408. “Guide to Photography”- M. Butterfield &S. Peach				Photo
409. “Portraits in Oil”- Wendon Blake						O&MT
410. “A Day in the Country:Impressionism and the French
           Landscape” – LA County Museum of Art					Art
411. “The Hermitage, Leningrad: French 20th Century Masters”			Art
412. “One Hundred Years of Modern Painting”-Muller &Elgar			Ab
413. “French Impressionists” – Herman Wechsler					Art
414. “Early Italian Paintings”-Giovanni Previtali				H&Art
415. “The Later Work of Aubrey Beardsley”-DaCapo Press				D&Art
416. “Pastel for the Serious Beginner” –Larry Blovits				P&MT
417. “The Drawing Book”- Wendon Blake						D&MT
418. “Mastering the Art of Drawing” – Sideway & Hoggett				D&MT
419. “Figure Painting in Oil”- Douglas R. Graves				O&MT
420. “Drawing Landscapes in Pencil”- Ferdinand Petrie				D
421. “Composition in Art”- Henry Rankin Poore					MT
422. “Drawing the Head”-Andrew Loomis						D&MT
423. “Drawing the Human Head”- Burne Hogarth					D&MT
424. “Marine Painter’s Guide”- Jack Coggins					MT
425. “Drawings of Albrecht Durer”						D&Catalog
426. “The Human Machine”-George B. Bridgeman					Anatomy
427. “Portrait Painting in Watercolor”-Charles Reid				W&MT
428. “How to Paint Portraits in Pastel”-Joe Singer				P&MT
429. “Pastel-Comprehensive Guide to Pastel Painting”-D.E.Greene			P&MT
430. “Painting a Likeness”- Douglas Graves					MT
431. “Boats and Harbors”-Peter Caldwell						D&MT
432. “The Mastery of Ala Prima Painting”-Fredric Taubes				MT
433. “The Joy of Watercolor”- David Millard					W&MT
434. “Watercolor Demonstrated”-E. Watson &N. Kent				W&MT
435. “Country  Landscapes in Watercolor”-J. Blockley				W&MT
436. “Painting Landscapes in Pastels”-Ernest Savage				P&MT
438. “Joan Miro”- James Johnson Sweeney						Art
439. “Simplifying Complex Scenes in Watercolor”-M. Beattie			W&MT
440. “Capturing Nature in Watercolor”-Philip Jamison				W&MT
442. “The Joy of Watercolor”- David Millard					W&MT
443. “Finding and Improving Your Painting Style”-C.Schmalz			W&MT
444.”Painting Glowing Colors in Watercolor”- Penny Soto				W&MT
445. “Louise Nevelson-A Passionate Life” – Laurie Lisle				I
446. “Painting from Life”- Douglas Lew						W&MT
448. “Welcome to My Studio”- Helen Van Wyk					O&MT
449. “The Artist Handbook of Materials and Techniques”-Mayer			Reference
450. “Acrylics: Translucent Techniques for Landscape Painters”  		A&MT
451. “Impressionism”- Keith Ward						MT
452. “Oil Painting Materials and Their Uses”- William Powell			O&MT
453. “Painting in Oils”- William Palluth					O&MT
454. “Oil Painting Techniques”-ed. David Lewis					O&MT
455. “How I Paint-Secrets of a Sunday Painter”-T. Buechner			MT
456. “Manet”- Richard Wrigley							Art
457. “Monet, Renoir and the Impressionist Landscape”				Art Guide
458. “French Drawings and Paintings from the Hermitage”				Art Guide
459. “Mary Cassatt” – Maria Costantino						Art
460. “Vermeer”-Sandra Forty							Art
463. “Celebrate Your Creative Self”-Mary Todd Beam				MT
464. “Painting with Water-Soluble Colored Pencils”-G.Greene			WM
465. “Watercolor Basics-Color” –Jan Kunz					W&MT
466. “Water-media Focus Workbook” – C.Schink&S.Lawrence				W&MT
467. “Painting the Allure of Nature”- Susan Bourdet				W&MT
468. “Painting :Visual and Technical Fundamentals”-N. Goldstein			MT
469. “Color in Sketching and Rendering”- Arthur Guptill				MT
470. “The Techniques of Color Mixing”-Leonard Richmond				O,W&MT
471. “Design Through Discovery”- Marjorie Elliott Bevlin			Reference
472. “An Artist’s Notebook: Techniques and Materials-B. Chaet			MT
473. “The Golden Book of the Renaissance”-Irwin Shapiro				Reference
474. “American Impressionism and Realism”					Reference
475. “The World of Michelangelo”						Reference
476. “The World of Leonardo”							Reference
477. “The World of Van Gogh”							Reference
478. “The World of Manet”							Reference
479. “Rendering in Pencil”-Arthur Guptill					D&MT
480. “ Production for the Graphic Designer”-James Craif				GD
481. “Layout: The Design of the Printed Page”- A. Hurlburt			GD
482. “How to Draw and Paint”- A.Z.Kruse						MT
500. “Fill Your Watercolor with Light and Color”- R. Roycroft			W&MT
501. “Rembrandt and His Art”- Christopher Wright				Art History
502. “The Hudson River and Painters”- John Howat				Art History
503. “Goya and the Spirit of Enlightenment”-Boston Museum			Art History
504. “Painting and Drawing and Children”-John Norton				D&MT
505. “The Great Bronze Age of China”- Metropolitan Museum NYC 			Exhibit
506. “The Treasure Houses of Britian”-National Gallery of Art			Exhibition
507. “Artist Communities”- Alliance of Artists’ Communities			Info
508. “Business and Legal Forms for Artists”- Tad Crawford 			Business
509. “Making a Living as an Artist”-Editors of Art Calendar			Business
510. “Legal Guide for the Visual Artist”-Tad Crawford				Business
511. “How to Sell Your Artwork”- Milton K. Berlye				Business
512. “An Artist’s Guide-Making it in New York City”-D. Grant			Business
513. “1986-Artist’s Market”-ed. Diana Martin Hoffman				Marketing
514. “1981-Artist’s Market”-ed. Lynne Lapin					Marketing
515. “1988-Artist’s Market”-ed. Susan Conner					Marketing
516. “Making a Living in the Fine Arts”-Curtis W. Casewit			Marketing
517. “Graphic Artist Guild Handbook: Pricing and 
         Ethical Guidelines”							GD& Business
518. “Painting Better Landscapes”-Marget Kessler				O&MT
519. “Picasso”- Sala Gaspar							Art
520. “Rendering WOOD with Design Art Markers”-D. Maxwell			MT
521.”Rendering METAL with Design Art Markers”-D. Maxwell			MT
522. “Rendering PLASTIC with Design Art Markers”-D. Maxwell			MT
523.”Rendering STONE with Design Art Markers”-D. Maxwell			MT
524. “The Art of Oil Painting” Grumbacher Library Book				O&MT
525. “Fine Art Painting from the Masters”					Art
526. “History of Art”-H.W. Janson						Art History
527. “The Story of Painting”-H.W. Janson& D.J. Janson				Art History
528. “Greek Art of the Aegean Islands”-Met NYC					Exhibit
529. “American Women Artists 1830-1930”-The National 
               Museum of Women in the Arts					Art History
530. “Photography” – Barbara and John Upton					Photography
531. “Acrylic Works 2”-ed-Jaimie Markle						A, MT
        (Art by Tara Funk Grim-Former Instructor at Institute-p.86)